Dr. Lorina Shinsato

Dr. Lorina Shinsato, ND, LAc

“Many patients come to us after seeing their primary physician, who only offered drugs for their symptoms. But drugs do not work very well on neurological problems. We know all too well that the root cause often lies in the brain.”

People who come to us have tried many other methods and are fed up. We know how effective neurofeedback can be. Once a patient sees their brain map and can visually understand what is wrong, they often become very excited about the possibilities for permanent relief.

When people ask me about what I do, I say that I serve as a catalyst for healing. I provide guidance and help individuals in their quest for reclaiming their authentic self, identifying factors that contribute or take away from their well-being. Contrary to belief, doctors do not heal their patients; the only person who can heal you is yourself. I enjoy working with people who are ready for a different relationship with their body and an empowering relationship with their healthcare practitioner. If we agree that we are a good fit, I will work with you to figure out sustainable solutions for your optimal well-being. This could range from addressing different aspects of your lifestyle including: quality of sleep, dietary habits, exercise, stress reduction activities, career fulfillment, goal setting and planning, time for self to pursue hobbies and interests as well as quality time with family and friends. I serve as a sounding board, a cheerleader, a guide, a confidante and advisor in your roadmap towards wellness.

According to Webster, the word Naturopathy dates back to 1901 and means a system of treatment of disease that avoids drugs and surgery and emphasizes the use of natural agents and physical means. Naturopathic doctors believe that people are naturally healthy, and our job as physicians is to remove obstacles on a path to healing and help the body use its natural healing abilities. When given the right circumstances and environment, our bodies can heal and thrive.

I’ll be happy to tell you more about myself and give you an opportunity to get to know me as a person when you come to my clinic for your visit.

Kind regards,
Dr. Shinsato


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